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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 20, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this morning, blame game. >> billionaire news titan rupert murdoch like we've never seen him before plus the wife who jumped to his defense this morning, a new chapter in the scandal. taking a toll. without a deficit deal new numbers show voter dissatisfaction at a 20-year high but today a glimmer of hope. cranking up that dial. the hottest weather in years for millions and relief is days away. well, good morning, everyone. today the british prime minister will be grilled on the news corp phone hacking scandal which is continuing to make news. >> oh, yes. morning newspapers around the
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world have the murdoch father and son testimony front and center. rupert murdoch's own tabloid "the sun" has a subdued front page with the headline, "the most humble day of my life" quoting rupert murdoch from yesterday. >> the newsmaker making the news. "the daily mirror" has a not so suble foam whacked headline. >> that was an alarming moment during the hours-long questioning by members of parliament. abc's jeffrey kofman she's us how it happened. >> reporter: james murdoch was about to answer a question when suddenly on the left a man with a paper plate covered in shaving cream takes aim at rupert murdoch muttering, you greedy billionaire. the woman in pink, wendi deng slapped the assailant who falls backward. a self-described comic was arrested this. is the day ruperermurdoch and his son did not want to see. they were summoned to answer
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questions about the scandal that rocked the country, allegations of widespread criminal activity by reporters at murdoch's now shuttered tabloid "news of the world." listen to this for a man infamous for his arrogance and ruthlessness. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: rupert murdoch born in australia, age 80, an american citizen, presides over a global empire with $33 billion in revenue. he's the boss, but the buck does not stop with him and he is not planning to step aside. ? because i feel the people i trust trusted, i feel i'm the best to -- >> reporter: at his son james, an american citizen, runs company operations in europe and asia. when he was younger, he was the family rebel. now if he can hold on, he'll
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take over from his dad. >> if i knew then what we know now we would have taken more action around that and moved faster to get to the bottom of these allegations. >> reporter: it was james who did most of the talking. coming to his father's aid as he stumbled. and what about the woman who saved her husband from humiliation, she is wendi deng, born in china, four years older than her stepson, an american citizen. she became rupert murdoch's third and fiercely loyal wife in 1999. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. the internet has been buzzing about murdoch's wife so who is wendi deng. she is clearly much younger than her husband and also no ordinary trophy wife. in addition to a bait of a tabloid personal past she has an mba from yale and key strategist for my china corporation. she married him less than three weeks after his divorce from his
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second wife. now to washingtonow where there is a renewed sense of optimism this morning over resolving the debt crisis. a new plan is being put forward by a group of north senators from both sides of the aisle. wall street rebounded on that possibility and karen travers has the new details. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down to the august 2nd debt ceiling deadline there's suddenly a glimmer of optimism in washington. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> reporter: yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators dubbed the gang of six, announced a plan that would cut at least $3.7 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. that would be achieved through a mix of spending cuts including cuts to medicare, medicaid and social security and closing tax loopholes. >> they had a very positive reaction. >> they've come to a bipartisan agreement and i support it. >> reporter: wall street also proves. the stock market had its best one-day result of the year and the dow jones closed up 200
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points. >> the b bl is passed. >> reporter: over in the house lawmakers papaed the cut, cap and balance act last night, a largely partisan vote on the deficit that has little chance of progressing. washington may be patting itself on the back for the modest progress on the deficit, but outside the beltway americans have had it. >> we've had enough. we want yoyo to work together. >> get it done for god's sake. >> reporter: a new abc n news/"washington post" poll found 80% of americans are dissatisfied and angry with the government. more blaise the blame on congressional republicans than president obama. senate majority leader harry reid says it's likely president obama will convene another debt session today at the white house. that would be the first meeting in nearly a week. rob? >> all that rising anger. karen travers, thank you for that report. the extreme muggy heat that is hanging over dozens of states is now being blamed for more deaths as many as ten of them, in fact, in kansas city alone.
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the heat index in one minnesota town hit 134 degrees. more of the same is expected today as the humidity soars along the east coast. abc's matt gutman tells us the boiler remains on full blast in oklahoma city. >> reporter: we just took this juicy t-bone out of the fridge. we'll see if we can cook it on the dashboard of this car. i parked it about ten minutes ago and already dashboard reads 151 degrees. we came back about two hours later and about 195 degrees. experts say this is cooked enough to eat. >> maybe. just doesn't look that great. matt says that steak was done to a medium well stage. >> woo. >> right theren 0 the dashboard. oh, boy. taking a look now at the weather from all around the country, severe storms with hail. gusty wind, also a chance of tornadoes from fargo to duluth. scattered afternoon thunderstorms around
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indianapolis, nashville, atlanta, jacksonville and much of the gulf coast. more heavy rain in the four corners of the southwest and showers from seattle to portland. >> phoenix meanwhile, hits 108, albuquerque, 93, salt lake city, 86. upper 90s in the twin city, chicago and dallas. mostly 90s along the east coast. more news now. president obama says if he does support legislation that would overturn a law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. the act gets its first hearing on capitol hill today before the senate judiciary committee. new york city is limiting the number of same-sex couples who can marry on the sunday which will be the first day that gay marriage becomes legal in w york state. the mayor says only 764 licenses will be issued for that date, and couples are now being chosen for the date by lottery. >> what an influx it will be. >> certainly a big day. all right. an update to what appeared to be a city's tough stance on distracted pedestrians. >> it had been reported that philadelphia was cracking down
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on texting while walking with hefty fines in place if you crossed that boundary. the city's depp city mayor says not true. pedestrians will be reminded to be aware of their surroundings w will certainly not be fined. >> it would have been hard to enforce a bit. >> i agree. coming up next after the break, stocks are surging this morning. we'll check k the new numbers. the hunt for casey anthony. where is she beginning her new life? this morning a clue. and extreme eating at your favorite chain restaurant, the meals look tasty but the food police tell us just how bad they are. we'll be right back.
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overseas markets are higher this morning after the dow's best day so far this year. investors are also optimistic about the debt crises in both europe and the u u. tokyo's nikkei average added 116 points today. hong kong's hang seng is up 49. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow gained more than 200 points yesterday. the nasdaq ink dex was up 61. that rally could continue today. after the closing bell apple astounded analysts with a surge in its earnings. iphone sales nearly quadrupled in asia and ipad sales were double nearly the first quarter. they have $78 billion of cash in the bank. that's worth more than all of goldman sachs. >> wow. well, another stock had a
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great day. le while they were testifying, the stock rose. shares gained back 5.5% or more than 2 of the $8 billion in value that's been lost during the phone hacking scandal. well, take a listen to this. the food police have a list of foods to avoid when you go out to eat. the center for science in the public interest is now bestowing its extreme eating awards on entrees such as applebee's. provolone stuffed meatballs, 1500 calories for cheesecake factory's burger. the recommended calorie count for an entire day is 2,000 total. coldstone's peanut butter and chocolate shake exceeds that alo alone. that had enough fat for three days. look out what you're eating. >> when we come back this morning, progress in the nfl lockout talks. plus, concern over michele
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bachmann's health. could it impair her ability to run for president. and imagine this driver's surprise,, a street geyser lift a car right out of its parking spot. [ fefele announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too?
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(crickets chirping) quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. [female announcer] looks like everybody's at our biggest sale of the year: the petsmartrtpower salele new fiproguard™ plus flea and tick treatments are just $29.99 and contain the ame active ingredients as frontline plus® at petsmart®. well, there was water, water everywhere after a carjacking in los angeles. a stolen car slammed into a fire hydrant yesterday sending water more it than 100 feet into the air. crews struggled to shut off that water and the driver taken to the hospital and then promptly arrested. a strere geyser alsls reeke havoc in montreal. heavy downpours created a rush of water so powerful it lifted a car right off the pavement. reportedly forecasters say 2 inches of rain fell in less than 15 minutes. oh, crazy water. >> some part was have
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appreciated a cooloff. taking a look at morning road conditions. flash flooding on i-25 from denver to albuquerque. also on i-40, flagstaff. a slick ride on i-5 from seattle to olympia. also on i-40 from nashville to raleigh. rain drenches parts of i-59 from west palm beach to miami. if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in denver, new orleans, atlanta and houston. >> well, efforts to track down casey anthony is turning into a giant version of where's waldo. a woman that looked like her was seen getting off a plane covering her head with a blanket wearing the same kind of clothing that anthony had on when she left jail on sunday. but her attorney said it was all a practical joke. also this morning's "daily mail" newspaper claims she was in palm string and talks about a multimillion dollar tv deal. michele bachmann is insisting now that migraine headache also not affect her ability to potentially serve as
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president. on the campaign trail in south carolina, she said they have not impeded her work as a congressman or candidate and shies she's been able to control them with prescription meds. the white house has been slapped with a fine by police in london after this presidential motorcade back in may. traveling dignitaries are supposed to pay a $1,600 congestion fee when che travel in london. the white house ig fwhored that and are on hook for another 200 bucks in fines. owners and players are inching closer to ending the lockout. sources say player representatives could review and recommend approval on a nearly completed agreement as early as today. owners are set to meet tomorrow in atlanta and could vote if a full day is ready. two weeks after a fan fell to his death the texas rangers are now looking to make their stadium saver. the plan calls that all rails at the base of the seating sections to be 42 inches high.
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now, that will the in the clear as changes get under way. >> before the end of the regular season. for now they posted yellow signs warning not to lean, to sit or to stand against the rail. well, after weeks of speculation, houston rockets star yao ming made it official. he is leaving the nba. he made the announcement in shanghai saying the a series of injuries have forced him to retire. he plans to work with his former chinese team and possibly become the gm. now some sports highlights. cole wright. the rangers riding an 11-game hot streak looking to extend it to 12 versus the angels. gonzalez on the mound. three-run lead and double to deep left center. andy chavez gives chase, picks up the pill, flips it elvis andres. he said beltran put the tag on him. all jazzed up.
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rightfully so. teamwork at its finest. rangess still up 3-0. chavez, he says i'm out, ys. reservations at chili's. i'm meeting my boys. rangers win this one, 7-0. twins and indians. check out the bottom of the ninth. valencia, sweet and juicy. the shot to left for a walkoff knock. michael cuddyer score and twins win 2-1. brewers and d'backs out west and the brew crew, they sure brought their offense. the knock, gone. ryan. different lyrics. betancourt, one of his two pokes and leake says i've got the power. brewers go up 6-2 and win it 11-3. jason mcdonald and pirates taking on the red, top of the third, pirates up a dash. mcdonald, getting the fourth,
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stubbs. not impressed. meet my uncle charlie then joe suffered the same fate and pirates win, 1-0. that'll do it for us. for the latest on the spopos scene, don't forget too check ot the highlight express. members of the u.s. women's soccer team are still making their rounds. >> after appearing o o "good morning america" yesterday they dropped in on "the letterman show." had a good time trying to kick some soccer balls into those moving new york city cabs. >> that can happen any time you're in a cab in new york by the way. abby wambach and several of her world cup teammates will play in rochester tonight to a soldout controlled. >> win or lose they're loving that team. coming up next american airlines is set to make a major announcement affecting passengers today. details on that coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. and now a look ahead at the stories we'll be watching this wednesday. the punishing heat continues to stifle millions of americans today from the dakotas to the east coast. more than 30 states are under heat warnings, watches or advisories. real feel temperatures in chicago, minneapolis are expected to hit 120 to 130 degrees. >> talks to solve the nation's debt crisis could resume at the
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white house today. a new plan by a bipartisan group of senators is now generating some optimism, but there is still pest minimum, as well. a new abc news poll finds 80% of americans are now dissatisfied with the federal government. the protester who aimed a shaving cream pie at rupert murdoch has now been charged with behavior causing harassment or distress. he suffered a sharp slap to the head by his wife wendi during the indent. the army sergeant, major nidal hasan is expected to plead not guilty for those killed in the attack and faces the death penalty if convicted. the l.a. dodgers go head to head with major league baseball in a bankruptcy court hearing today. the issue on the table, which sisi will control the team's finances during the bankruptcy process. american airlines is placing a large order for hundreds of new aircraft that are more fuel efficient. the deal may be worth as much as $37 billion and could put
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all right. finally this morning it wasn't just the news shows that were
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seemingly obsessed with the rupert murdoch pie throwing protester. >> not at all. the late night comics also had their way wiwith the story. >> some people think he was intentionally trying to appear to be confused. i don't know, though. he is an 80-year-old man. don't you have to know how to use a cell phone first. he paid $500 million for myspace. obviously he knowswsothing about technology. let's take a look at this. >> now, the guy sitting -- no, wait a minute. the guy sitting behind him, note the position of his shirt color. somebody forgot to save down his devil horns before he left today. >> have you been following the rupert murdoch scandal? oh, my god. so today the guy is testifying in front of a committee in parliament. he gets hit with a pie. police aren't sure whether it was curly or moe.
4:29 am
>> the woman in pink whose lightning reflex and devastating chuck norrisesque hands stop the miscreant. that is in fact rupert murdoch's wife wendi. now, i am not a big proponent of the four-decade marriage age gap, but if ever there was a situation where it would pay dividend dividends, it would be an ambush like that. >> the pie goes -- the wife attacks the guy with the pie. here comes the policeman. and now comes a woman in a jacket with tails. she looks like a conductor or something. like an episode of "benny hill." then the queen comes in. sponge bob, of course, and then finally the hamburglar. it's like a monty


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